Side-by-side comparisons to show you how the Damn Good Dress looks with the armhole closed up to cover your bra band.

I personally don’t mind showing off a beautiful #memade bra (like the one peeking out here which is a kit from @mmadalynne I purchased and made myself-see highlight) BUT I completely understand wanting to cover up your bra or to be slightly more covered in general. You can easily make the #damngooddress following the pattern and then stitch up the armhole with RST using a very tiny edgestitch. This simple method allows you to try on your dress and find the exact location to close the armhole up to for your personal fit. Or if you’re confident you absolutely want the armhole closed up (and trust me to guide you 😉) I have created a method for sewing the armhole slightly more closed – as shown – with a couple small changes in sewing steps. I will be sharing the instructions as a sew along video on YouTube. 😊

Some more thoughts on comparing the 2 armhole options:

The open armhole feels like the “muscle tank” version and the more closed armhole feels like the “cap sleeve tee” version.

Obviously a smaller armhole means slightly more restriction, but I tried to show you in these photos how the range of motion isn’t really affected by the change in armhole size. The slope of the shoulder seam is the exact same and that is where lifting your arm is affected for the most part. 💪❤️ The bust and neckline are not affected at all, as you can see by the photos. There is a lot of ease in the back of this dress which allows you to close up the armhole without having to adjust for more room in the bust.

If the large armscye was holding you back from grabbing this pattern, I hope this has helped to convince you the pattern is versatile and flexible! I’ll share more views and info on the shirt hack version throughout the week as well.

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