Part 1:

The overall construction of this dress results in a PERFECTLY finished dress from the inside out.

No overlock or specialty machine is needed to achieve this gorgeously finished result. Every raw edge is hidden between the French seams along the sides, the back armhole facing, the bottom hem facings, and the double layers on the front top & back yoke. If you have been looking to increase your knowledge of finishing techniques and construction elements, this is definitely the project for you!

Part 2:

With a modern crewneck that is sliced at the center front, this dress gives you options!

You can feel a bit more covered or reveal a bit more skin if you unfold the corners. The oversized drop shoulder design accentuates the waistline, giving an extremely flattering shape overall. There are elastic filled ties that are set into the side seams and wrap to the back, allowing the wearer to decide how tight or loose to make the waistline. The elastic allows for a beautiful “scrunchy” design detail in the back and also gives so much added comfort while wearing the dress! Draped to provide the illusion of a more fitted, straight-cut dress in the front, the real magic comes from all the playful volume in the back.

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