Let me use @kk_maakes beautiful #damngooddress as a backdrop for talking about the concept of slowing down when sewing. I get A LOT of comments about how the garments made using my sewing patterns are some of the best, nicest finished pieces sewists have ever made. I am so excited about encouraging home sewers to take their time in sewing a garment, to sew it meticulously with luxurious finishes that will ultimately make the piece feel more valuable to you. If you rush through a sewing project, you may not feel as connected to the piece and as a result may not 1) wear it as much because it doesn’t look as good as it could look & 2) mend and take care of it for as long because you didn’t put the time and effort into it from the start, so it’s no big deal to get rid of it. By taking your time to sew a beautifully finished garment, you are choosing a sustainable sewing mindset that will result in an incredibly rewarding experience in the end. 🥰

Now to share some of @kk_maakes thoughts on the sewing process!

“It was super fun to sew this dress. To be honest, I thought I would do it in a day. But once I got into it I realized all of the attention to detail you provide in your pattern. I loved spending the time to craft something so exquisite and enjoy the process. This made me slow down – which was good.

I started as a hack sewist – typically throwing things together just to create something new. But I’ve really enjoyed learning the techniques to do it the right way and make my garments look so professional. I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished through this pattern. It was an incredible learning experience. I can’t wait to use my new skills to elevate the projects I work on next.”

You should be so proud! Your dress looks amazing @kk_maakes and thank you so much for the kind words, for testing this pattern, and for sharing your beautiful dress! ❤️💕

Link in bio for purchasing the pattern, sewing kit, or RTW version of the Damn Good Dress.

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