The Jig Is Up Pillow Set

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The jig IS up. You can’t ignore that pile (or piles) of fabric scraps any longer.

It is time to put them to good use and sew up the ultimate scrap busting project! A zero waste design that offers you the chance to create an aesthetically pleasing way to tidy up without generating any additional scraps in the process. Composed of four pillows which can be cut in one or two fabrics, perfect for combining colors or prints, this puzzle pillow pattern is sure to spark that inner child sense of play we all need in our lives. In true form follows function fashion, this beginner level pattern includes a lapped zipper opening so you can forever access the multitudes of scraps you stuff inside. The finished objects can be utilized in different ways: stack them four high, stack them two-by-two, toss them on your bed or sofa, single stack as a floor pillow or furry creature’s nap place, or the obvious choice, solve the jigsaw.





  • Cutting a zero waste layout
  • Overlock/serger stitch
  • Zig-zag stitch
  • Lapped zipper construction
  • Sewing curves
  • Creating a 3D object



  • A puzzle pillow (set)
  • Optional sizes from XS-XL
  • Purchase includes a digital pattern file with sizes XS-XL
  • Skill level: Confident Beginner
  • PDF pattern includes an illustrated instruction document, A0 copy shop file, print at home file prepared for A4 & letter size paper, and projector files formatted for zero waste cutting per size
  • Self fabric (your main fabric)
  • Matching all-purpose thread to your fabric
  • Optional: Combo fabric (your contrast fabric)
    • *if you would like your pillow set to be constructed of 2 different fabrics
  • 4x regular zippers (lengths specified per size below)
    • *1x per pillowcase


  • Optional for sewing with thicker fabrics:
    • Denim/Jeans needle
    • Upholstery/Home Goods needle
    • Sewing clips (instead of using pins)

The Jig Is Up Pillow Set is intended to help clear up those fabric scraps without producing any new ones in the process. Any woven material can work for this project, although medium to heavy weight fabrics will provide the best structure to the shape. Lighter weight cotton or linen fabrics can work, but may benefit from a layer of fusible interfacing to add extra durability and opacity. If you plan to stuff your pillowcase set with fabric scraps, the thicker the material the better! When stuffing with scraps, the result can look a bit lumpy. Using a thicker material can help hide this appearance, such as wool felt, corduroy, denim twills, or upholstery materials. But do not worry if you want to use a lighter weight fabric – the scraps relax over time and those lumpy areas smooth out. Especially if being used as a pillow (or fur baby’s bed) frequently!

Fabric selection can affect difficulty level. Choose a fabric with a good amount of “ease” for a more beginner friendly sewing experience. Ease is the amount of natural give, or stretch, in your fabric which is very helpful for all the puzzle curves in this pattern! If you plan on mixing materials, try to pick fabrics that have a similar weight for a more beginner friendly project.


Find the size that corresponds closest to your fabric width in the size chart below for the zero waste layout. If you plan to cut your pattern without following the zero waste layout, select the size based on how many scraps you have for stuffing or how big you would like the finished pillow.

Size selection has an impact on difficulty level as well. Choosing a bigger size will be easiest for a beginner, such as sizes M-XL. (Those curves get tiny to sew around in the smaller sizes which can be difficult for sewers of all levels!)

Measurements below are for one pillow.  

Measurements below are for an entire set which includes four pillows total.

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