Luxe Silk – Blush

Silk fabric is made from the filaments derived from domesticated silkworm cocoons.

This historical textile has been around for centuries! It is a protein fiber, meaning it comes from animals. The specific molecular structure of silk fiber gives it a unique ability to be a luxurious, shiny, and deeply saturated textile. And of course, since it is 100% natural material it can completely biodegrade at the end of its’ lifecycle.

Type: Silk Charmeuse

Weight: 19mm

Content: 100% Silk

Width: 45″ (114cm)

Origin: Korea

Hand: Matte crepe on the back side with a satin finish on the front, this silk charmeuse feels amazing against your skin! It is lightweight and drapes beautifully. Darker colors are more opaque.

Price per yard.
Available by the 1/2 yard.


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Washing Instructions

  • Gentle washing preserves the color and fibers for longer.
  • Dry clean or hand wash cold with specialty silk detergent. (The Delicate Wash from The Laundress is a favorite!)
  • Line dry.
  • Iron when needed.
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