I adore the classic, relaxed vibes of the styling in these photos. A white button down shirt really is such an essential, core item to have in your wardrobe! And I got to say the #MVPBDShirt serves that role extremely well.

Repost from @s.is.for.sew –

“Finally a white shirt! Not to be dramatic, but..😆This is one of the highest quality garments I’ve ever made. Luxe eco-conscious materials, french seams, hidden placket, tower plackets, faced hem…Aside from a stain scare and the late night button mix-up (I put the holes on the wrong side of the cuff 😖 so to save it, I sewed the buttons on the inside of the cuff. Now they’re”invisible” and actually pretty cool, and stain remover x 2 fixed the rest.) Its near- perfectly executed! 😉 Not to mention how well the rumples go with a #curlygirl #pixiegrowout. ➰ The #mvpbdshirt pattern is available from @forest.and.thread and so is the kit (which includes everything down to the thread, and a LOT of fabric options) to make this classic shirt. 🤍”

Thank you so much @s.is.for.sew for making the epitome of the perfect MVP BD Shirt! 🤍😍🤍

You can purchase the MVP BD Shirt as a PDF pattern, paper pattern, sewing kit, or RTW garment all available on our website with the link in our bio. Our PDF patterns are 2-for-$25 on our website. Sign up for our email list and receive 15% off your first order! 🙌

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