I had so much fun following @sheilawhosews journey making this dress. I loved the process photos she shared along the way – from the chopsticks to the frog closures, she added some amazing and innovative ways to create the Damn Good Dress! I also adore the choice of fabric and print, just stunning 🤍🖤

Repost from @sheilawhosews –

“I wanted to keep the integrity of the pattern but feel less exposed. The idea of using frog closures came to me. I hand stitched about 4cm up and then added the closures in a way that still let the sides be open. I personally think it has worked for me to feel comfortable showing abit more of me and yet, not take anything away from the design…

I’m a happy bunny wearing my #damngooddress by @forest.and.thread don’t be fooled by it’s simple shape, this dress has such a lovely finish inside and out. I feel very feminine wearing it and it has a wee bit of a sauciness with the low front slit and low armholes giving a flash of your best pretty – in my case – raspberry pink bra.”

I truly love how you made this dress your own @sheilawhosews and thank you so much for sharing! 🤍🖤🤍

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