This lovely #damngooddress is by @stitch_dont_kill_my_vibe and I just love it. The dress pattern works so well for prints!!! 😍❤️💕

Repost from @stitch_dont_kill_my_vibe –

“I recently had the opportunity to be a first time pattern tester for the lovely Isabelle of @forest.and.thread , and I can confirm that this is a Damn Good Dress!
It’s a simple dress from the front, but what sets apart is the stunning side and back ….secret POW factors💥
The construction is beautiful, and the insides are so so neat and clean, and you don’t even need an overlocker/ serger!
At first I was a little daunted by the large amount of instructions, but they are really comprehensive and clear, and I found I was able to work through them fairly easily.
I made a size 6, but could probably have gone down a size. I also took 10cm off the length, but used the lengthen/ shorten guide to remove it from just below the hips, it wouldn’t have worked to lop it off at the bottom, given construction of the side splits.
I used a double layered gauze cotton from @spotlightstores but would love to make a linen one next 🧡
I’ve gone shopping, walked my dogs, and napped in this dress, and can confirm it’s also crazy comfortable – do yourself a favour and try this pattern! 👌🏽”

Thank you so much @stitch_dont_kill_my_vibe for being a pattern tester and making such a beautiful dress!!! 😍

You can purchase the Damn Good Dress as a PDF pattern, paper pattern, sewing kit, or RTW garment all available on our website with the link in our bio. Our PDF patterns are 2-for-$25 on our website. Sign up for our email list and receive 15% off your first order! 🙌

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