8. Damn Good Dress Tutorial – Sew Your Shoulder Seams

8A‭. ‬Lay out your Front Top and Back Yoke with right sides up‭.‬

8B‭. ‬Flip your Back Yoke over your Front Top to line up the shoulders‭. ‬The inside Back Yoke should be facing up now‭.‬

8C‭. ‬Taking just the inside Back Yoke layer‭, ‬begin flipping it to the underside of your Front Top‭.‬

8D‭. ‬You are going to sandwich the Front Top shoulder edges in between the Back Yoke shoulder edges‭.‬

8E‭. ‬Line up all the shoulder edges‭, ‬matching the shoulder notches‭.‬

8F‭. ‬Line up the seam lines of your armhole edges from the Back Yoke and the Front Top‭. ‬Place a pin through both seams‭, ‬pushing the seam allowance towards the back‭.‬

8G‭. ‬Line up the neckline seams and place a pin through both seams‭.‬

8H‭. ‬Line up your shoulder notches and place a pin through the top layer of your Front Top and the top layer of your Back Yoke‭.‬

8I‭. ‬Pin the remaining areas along the edges‭, ‬working in a circle around the shoulder edges‭.‬

8J. Sew using 1/2” seam allowance.

8K‭. ‬Repeat steps 8D-8J for your second shoulder seam‭.‬

Then‭, ‬pull your Back Yoke up away from the Front Top‭.‬

8L‭. ‬Open your seam allowances flat along the shoulder seams‭.‬

8M‭. ‬Press your seam allowances open‭.‬

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