Rooted Silky Modal Carnation Pink

Modal is a bio-based fabric made from spinning reconstructed beech-tree pulp.

Beech trees do not require much water to grow and are a regenerative plant which makes modal a good eco-friendly material. Although the fabric is plant-derived, the production process does include soaking the cellulose material derived from the beech tree pulp in chemicals, which results in modal being classified as a semi-synthetic fabric. But do not worry, modal is still totally biodegradable.

Our modal fabric is ultra-soft, smooth, and silky because it is 10% silk. The silk manufacturing process can be harmonious and low impact. Silkworms live off of mulberry trees; they feed on the leaves and in turn, the farmers can feed on the worms.

The fabric is 44″ (112cm) in width.

Price per yard.
Available by the 1/2 yard.


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Washing Instructions

  • Hand wash cold at a max temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No chlorine bleach
  • Middle-temperature ironing applicable with a damp cloth at a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dry cleanable with a petroleum solvent
  • Hang dry in shade
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