Just My Luck Jeans Virtual Sewing Workshop

The Just My Luck Jeans Virtual Sewing Workshop is meant to accompany the Just My Luck Jeans PDF pattern.

Workshops are taught by Isabelle Levine, founder and pattern designer for Forest & Thread. All sessions are pre-recorded from her home studio in Brooklyn, NY.

The workshop includes 5 separate sessions, breaking down the pattern into smaller segments. Each session includes between 1-2 hours of footage utilizing a 2-camera set-up, 1 focusing on the table/sewing machine and 1 focusing on Isabelle so you can see her face while she instructs you through the entire construction process. There is also a workshop portal where students can ask questions directly to Isabelle.

Students will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone with access to the internet in order to watch the workshops.

7.5 hours of total class time

Receive this 5-part series workshop as video recordings that you can watch at any time, at your own pace. You will have access to all 7.5 hours of footage through our workshop portal.

Session 1:

  • Go over size selection
  • Fit recommendations
  • Pattern & Fit Adjustments
  • Materials needed
  • Sewing With Denim
  • Preparing your pattern
  • Briefly discuss cutting layouts

Session 2:

  • Step 5 – Apply Your Fusible Interfacing
  • Step 6 – Prepare Your Darts
  • Step 7 – Prepare Your Fly & Shield
  • Step 8 – Assemble Your Fly Front Zipper

Session 3:

  • Step 9 – Finish Your Front Rise
  • Step 10 – Prepare Your Patch Pockets
  • Step 11 – Attach Your Front Pocket Bags
  • Step 12 – Sew Your Back Yoke

Session 4:

  • Step 13 – Sew Your Back Rise
  • Step 14 – Attach Your Back Patch Pockets
  • Step 15 – Sew Your Inseams
  • Step 16 – Sew Your Side Seams

Session 5:

  • Step 17 – Sew Your Waistband
  • Step 18 – Sew Your Belt Loops
  • Step 19 – Install Hardware
  • Step 20 – Hem Your Jeans

NOTE: You will need to login to an existing account or make a new account before purchasing the workshop in order to access the videos smoothly! 







  • Topstitching
  • Flat Felled Seams
  • French Seams
  • Fly Front Zipper
  • Pocket Lining with Facing
  • Sewing Darts
  • Sewing With Denim Fabric
  • Traditional Jeans Construction


  • A pair of jeans
  • Optional sizes from 0-18 B-Block
  • Optional sizes from 14-32 B-Block


  • The Just My Luck Jeans PDF pattern
  • Self fabric (your main fabric)
  • Lining fabric (for pocket bags)
  • Lightweight to midweight fusible interfacing
  • Matching all-purpose thread to your fabric
  • Topstitching thread
  • 1x Closed-end Metal Zipper
    • *see length requirements per size below
  • 1x 27L (11/16” or 17mm) Metal Tack Button
    • *or regular button of your choice
  • 6x Metal Rivets (optional)

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