Forest & Thread is a slow fashion brand offering all-in-one garment making sewing kits, custom sewing patterns & made in Brooklyn RTW garments.

Our vision is to create a new type of do-it-yourself retail experience, to change and ultimately improve your relationship with clothing and textile products. Forest & Thread is our way to combat fast fashion by sharing this new way of shopping for garments and home goods.

You have the choice to purchase a finished RTW garment that is custom made once your order is placed, a garment making kit where you learn to make the item yourself, or a sewing pattern which offers you the opportunity to use our custom patterns with whatever materials you may like. Detailed illustrated instructions are available for every sewing pattern we offer so that anyone with any skill level can easily participate. Most designs also have a corresponding photo tutorial, video tutorial, or virtual sewing workshop.

The hope is that your appreciation for fashion and textiles will develop and blossom into a love story that truly lasts a lifetime. Clothing should be cherished, but the way the majority of the garment industry produces products today leads us to believe otherwise. 

We can help you learn the inner workings of garments, the luxurious details that a needle and thread can create. We help you explore the difficulties that come from learning an ancestral, once commonplace skill set. We teach you the tales of how one seed becomes a crop, is processed into a fiber, which transforms into fabrics.

Forest & Thread is on a mission to change the nature in which our society interacts with fashion. One stitch at a time.

Isabelle Levine
Co-Founder & Creative Director


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